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Shop, compare, and invest in commercial real estate, startups, mortgages, private equity, convertible notes, and more, all in a single online marketplace.

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By investing directly with the investment sponsor, with no expensive fees or middlemen, and no hidden expenses, you may boost your returns over traditional models.

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Mitigate risk of your capital by investing in opportunities that offer our exclusive Capital Asset Protection™ program.

Current and Upcoming Opportunities

Vintage at Kings Canyon

• $9.3M equity
• $17.3M primary debt
• 48 month target hold period

Apartments at Horn Rapids

• $5.7M equity
• $2.4M mezzanine debt
• $15M primary debt
• 48 month target hold period

UC Merced Student Housing

• $12M equity
• $3M mezzanine debt
• 48 month target hold period

Ocean Grove

• $3.4M primary debt
• 12 month target hold period

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Irvine, CA 92618



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