Our Philosophy

Investors deserve a marketplace where they can learn, compare and invest in opportunities that create the future they want.

Our Goal

Investors use our user-centric marketplace to transcend existing investing models by removing the middleman. This can positively impact the return and the end result, whether the goal is extra cash flow, balance investing or wealth building.

Our team’s background includes:

Debt acquisition
Private equity
Deal sponsorship
Land entitlements

CRE development
Real estate law
M&A due diligence
Advanced risk mitigation strategy

SEC reporting
Fund accounting and administration
Insurance protections for a wide range of asset classes

How we got our start

In 2011, founder Brian Barbuto identified an undeniable need in his commercial real estate development process. While developing a housing community with a substantial amount of unique features, Brian discovered that the private equity firms he had relied on for so many years were unable to embrace the potential of the project because of the features that would prove to be the differentiating factor between his project and any other.

He was shocked by the lending and investment industries’ inability to support the projects for which the greater population hungered. Brian launched an in-depth exploration of crowdfunding, only to find that it was limited in the same ways as private equity. The opportunities being presented to investors were only as innovative as the gatekeepers who were assessing them.

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