How It Works

1. Create an Account

The InvestNest marketplace is open to both Accredited Investors and Institutional Investors. To get started, sign up for a free account by entering only your name and email address and creating a password. To improve your user experience and to receive information about investment opportunities that you are most interested in, you can also indicate your investment preferences by completing the information fields in your user profile page.

2. Review Investment Opportunities

Once your account is set up, you will be able to browse all of the investment opportunities on the InvestNest marketplace. You’ll be able to review and compare targeted investment returns, cash flows, expected hold periods and Sponsor track records, among other things. You will also be able to sort and filter the available investment opportunities using many different investment attributes, to help focus your attention only on those opportunities of interest to you.

3. Submit an Offer & Make Investment

Once you have found an investment opportunity that meets your investment goals and criteria, you can then submit an offer directly to the Sponsor of the investment opportunity, which is done safely and securely within the InvestNest marketplace. If the Sponsor accepts your investment offer, you will be prompted to complete your investor information, electronically sign the investment documents and initiate the funding of your investment.

4. Monitor Investment Performance

Once you have made your investment, you will use the InvestNest marketplace to monitor investment performance, receive updates from the Sponsor, view financial information, download tax documents and update your investor information, as necessary. Also, when you have made more than one investment on the marketplace, your investor dashboard will give you a continuously updated summary of your portfolio. You will be able to view and analyze your portfolio in a number of ways… geographically, by asset class, by product type, by risk profile and by expected hold period, among others. Even after you have exited your investment, all of your documents and information will be stored in the marketplace for future reference.

Marketplace Opportunities

Vintage at Kings Canyon

• $9.3M equity
• $17.3M primary debt
• 48 month target hold period

Apartments at Horn Rapids

• $5.7M equity
• $2.4M mezzanine debt
• $15M primary debt
• 48 month target hold period

UC Merced Student Housing

• $12M equity
• $3M mezzanine debt
• 48 month target hold period

Ocean Grove

• $3.4M primary debt
• 12 month target hold period

How We Get You the Right Opportunities

Underwriting is a key function and discipline in the packaging and presentation of investment opportunities, and our experience is the mainstay of the entire process. InvestNest employs in-house underwriting experts who provide full-spectrum reviews of all investment opportunities prior to approval for presentation. If a specific investment opportunity does not meet or exceed InvestNest’s underwriting promise, the investment opportunity does not move forward for presentation. Period.

However, InvestNest works with sponsors and can provide services to assist in qualifying the underwriting of an opportunity. From collecting and reviewing market data, to analyzing sensitivity to capitalization and interest rate fluctuations, to investigating various risk aspects, InvestNest works with all players to ensure that only the most qualified and thoroughly underwritten investment opportunities reach the marketplace. At InvestNest, we know investors deserve that.

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