Company Overview

InvestNest provides direct access to mid-to-higher yield investment opportunities. InvestNest is revolutionizing the investment process with it’s streamlined online investment marketplace. We believe in empowering investors to learn, compare and easily invest in a diverse range of investment opportunities to create the future they want.

Founded in 2015

Headquarters in Irvine, CA

Why InvestNest?

Access to mid-to-higher yield investment opportunities
A single marketplace with diverse investments
No expensive fees or middlemen
Search for investments that meet your criteria and goals

Investment opportunity vetting process
Access to opportunity sponsors
Innovative Capital Asset Protection™ program provides peace of mind
Investor education

Our Product

The innovative InvestNest marketplace contains mid-to-higher yield deal opportunities for investors worldwide. Unlike the traditional and crowdsourcing models, there are no expensive fees or middlemen, resulting in higher return potential for InvestNest marketplace users.

InvestNest users have access to diverse investment opportunities they don’t currently have access to in a single marketplace where they can view all the information they need to find investments that meet their criteria and goals. The types of investment opportunities include commercial real estate, development, private equity, startups, mortgages, convertible notes, franchises, businesses, and more.

Before an investment opportunity is approved for investing it must pass a background check and vetting process. In addition, investors can interact directly with the opportunity sponsor for additional information.

InvestNest is also breaking new ground with its Capital Asset Protection™ (“CAP”) program. Generally, the greater the risk, the greater the return. Investments in higher yield opportunities typically involve higher risk than traditional investments, but also offer the benefit of potential higher returns. Certain projects presented in the InvestNest marketplace may qualify for CAP, providing protection up to 80% of the capital invested, providing peace of mind for investors in CAP opportunities.

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