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$12M equity, $3M mezzanine debt, 48 month target hold period


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We have a unique opportunity to develop a much-needed student housing project. Merced Station will be the first significant off campus housing for the University of California – Merced. During the design and entitlement process, UC Merced has been very supportive of Merced Station by providing input on features that would appeal to UC students.

Additionally, we have jointly held student focus groups to provide direct overview and comments on the planned design and amenities. The UC community suggested a fitness center, green architecture, retailers geared to student needs, swimming pool, study space, and state of the art Internet and technology available to all residents. We anticipate exceeding the University’s vision and have incorporated all these amenities into our master plan along with other desirable features.

Apartment Mix: 2 Bedroom (90), 3 Bedroom (15), 4 Bedroom (120)

Sponsor Spotlight

Shamrock Acquisitions LLC ( is a real estate acquisitions firm formed in 2008. The company acquires physically and financially distressed properties in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Florida and California. The firm has two distinct strategies. First, is a long term “buy and hold” strategy: This encompasses small office buildings, multifamily residential, long-term notes, single family rentals, and retail centers. The second strategy is to purchase, renovate and sell at market value. As of March 2017, Shamrock owns approximately $48 Million worth of real estate across the United States.

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